Master of Architecture 2G

The Graduate Architecture Program at Tennessee challenges students to do more than envision buildings. We explore and investigate issues of technology, material culture, and political economy alongside a commitment to histories and theories of the built environment. We prepare graduate students to be all-purpose intellectuals, willing and able to engage in cultural production and agency.

The Master of Architecture 2G program is designed for students who have completed a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Architecture in a NAAB accredited 4+2 architecture school that also offers masters-level coursework.

This program starts in August鈥攑rospective students should apply for Fall enrollment.

Pre-requisite: An architecture degree from a NAAB accredited school of architecture. All other prospective students must apply to the 3G program.




Fall Year One (15)

Arch 571 (6)
Architecture and Urbanism Studio
Arch 527 (3)
Design Tactics
Arch Elective (3)
Arch Elective (3)

Spring Year One (15)

Arch 572 (6)
Design Integration Studio
Arch 528 (3)
Design Theories
Arch 560 (3)
Design Integration Seminar
Arch Elective (3)

We establish a convivial and collaborative community of thinkers and designers that have the capacity to anticipate the future and not simply repeat existing patterns of scholarship.

Jason Young, Dean, College of Architecture + Design

After Graduation Careers

Typical career paths for graduates with this degree include working in private specialized practices or as a firm owner, exploring through research, collaborating through specialty consulting or serving in academia. This professional degree qualifies you to sit for the ARE.