Master of Landscape Architecture

3 Years

You'll develop the highly synthetic design abilities necessary in the complex socio-ecological landscapes of the 21st Century. Our students follow a rigorous course of disciplinary and interdisciplinary training to master skills and required knowledge with imagination and intelligence. You'll learn to engage today鈥檚 wicked problems--those involving strategic and infrastructural planning of landscape resources at the scale of the Tennessee River to detailed design investigations of brownfields, parks and unclassified landscape types that continuously emerge as a result of larger socio-economic and -ecologic forces.


Our coursework provides you with the robust design, digital communication and critical-thinking skills necessary for collaborative leadership on the multidisciplinary, multifunctional landscape projects that will be created in the future.

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Fall Year One (15)

521 Design Communication I (3)
530 Plants in the Landscape (3)
551 Design Studio I (6)
587 Contemporary Landscapes (3)

Spring Year One (15)

522 Design Communications II (6)
552 Design Studio II (6)
GEOLOGY 590 Urban Ecology (3)
Open Elective (3)

We leverage our interdisciplinary partnership between the College of Architecture and Design and the to investigate innovative landscape hybrids better suited for the demands of contemporary society.

Gale Fulton, Director of the School of Landscape Architecture

After Graduation Careers

Our students pursue careers nationally and internationally in which their wide range of creative and communicative skills are in demand. We have an ever-increasing footprint in the United States and are constantly working to forge new connections with firms looking for future leaders in the field.

Alumni_Where are they now?

HDLA, Nashville, TN

OJB (Office of James Burnett), Boston, MA

SCAPE, New Orleans, LA

SOM, Chicago, IL

Chandler Design and Planning, LLC, 快活视频, TN

Hawkins Partners, Nashville, TN

Stoss, Boston, MA

CRJA-IBI Group, 快活视频, TN

Design Workshop, Austin, TX & Chicago, IL

Dix.Hite + Partners, Longwood, FL