Design Thinking Any Undergraduate Student. Any Major.

Here in the College of Architecture and Design, we use design thinking skills as the foundation of our curriculum. Our students learn how to approach a problem, determine options, collaborate with others and see others’ perspectives, develop prototypes and yes, how to arrive at a resolution (or often more than one).

And because the skills are transferable, design thinking is a process that benefits听any听professional in听any听profession–medicine, law, business, design or virtually any other鈥-to achieve better results.

Simply put, it’s a new way of thinking about and acting on problems, processes and opportunities.

Pretty neat, huh? Learn design thinking through courses open to any undergraduate UT student in any major. Here you will master the four key elements of design thinking:

  1. Defining problems
  2. Creating and considering many options
  3. Refining ideas (and repeating) through prototyping
  4. Executing products

OK, how does this apply to me?

Learn and engage in collaborative design thinking methods through our Design Thinking course. This course is for any undergraduate student and applies to any profession. Really.

The Design Thinking course will provide an introduction to听design thinkingand innovation for听all undergraduate students from听all majors.听This course assists students in how to work in multidisciplinary teams to solve complex, real-world problems. Students will engage in collaborative design thinking methods that emphasize producing unique and feasible outcomes that can be applied in future classes and within career opportunities. Students will complete projects by generating a variety of ideas, applying and synthesizing knowledge from their discipline, building prototypes and evaluating with critical thinking.

To sign up for the Design Thinking course, talk to your advisor and search in Banner/class schedule.


Ideate. Collaborate. Resolve.