Studio Culture

The Studio Experience

Cross-Collaborative Studios

In the studio, you will work side by side with your closest friends and experience disciplines other than your own. Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Graphic Design students work together and share ideas, bringing together different interests, perspectives and experience levels.


You will explore new ideas and grow as a designer through regular discussion and critique. Critique is an integral part of design education. These interactive reviews invite feedback and discussions of the issues and possibilities of each project.

Studio in the Curriculum

Whichever discipline you choose to study here in the college, studio courses will be the foundation of your curriculum. Each semester, 4-6 credit hours will be a required design studio course. Your time in the studio, however, won鈥檛 be limited to that class time. You鈥檒l spend many hours each week working on various assignments and projects.

Space + Technology

Students have ergonomic desks and high-resolution monitors where you can work, and the studio spaces are open so that you can easily interact, collaborate and be inspired by those around you. You also have access to technology (plotters, printers, virtual workstations) in your studio all day, every day. All students can access the technology center in the A+A, and the Fab Lab has 20,000 square feet of amazing technology for you to use.

You鈥檒l have 24/7 access to the building and your workspace, perfect for whenever inspiration (or a deadline) strikes.


During my first semester, I was amazed at how fast I made so many friends, and I am still really great friends with them today!

Nathaniel, Architecture

What is Studio Culture?

One of the unique and rewarding aspects of studying at the College of Architecture and Design is an ethos that we refer to as Studio Culture. Your studio experience is a major influence on your time here and your life and professional career, so the studio culture is of immense importance to us.

The term “studio” refers to a series of specific, uniquely structured courses as well as a physical place founded on the belief in a culture that fosters critical thinking through the forming and testing of ideas and respects others’ ideas.

Our culture is based on:

  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Conflict
  • Place
  • Balance
  • Critique
  • Growth

You鈥檒l often work long hours, but you will love doing it. And the time you spend creating and collaborating creates a close-knit community and a lasting bond, not only with your cohort but also with the network of alumni who鈥檝e experienced the same studio culture.

Students standing around a table gather around a seated faculty member to look at an ipad.

Studio Materials

Your instructors will provide you with lists of materials you will need to purchase for studio courses. This may require an investment, but you can get years of use from your supplies. You will also need to purchase paper, cardboard and model supplies, as needed.