5+1: Bachelor of Architecture + Master of Landscape Architecture

Enter your profession with expertise in two design disciplines, and better yet, obtain these professional degrees in only six years. You'll stand out in the boardroom and on the job site.


You will begin to design in your first year, and the required Integrations Studio in Year 4 puts design and technical knowledge to practical use. The smooth transition into Landscape Architecture means you’ll quickly be immersed in designing complex landscape systems.

First Year Fall (17)

ARCH 171 (3)
Design Fund. I Space
ARCH 121 (2)
Representation I
ARCH 101/107H (3)
Intro to Built Env
ENG 101/118H (3) (WC)
MATH 113,125 or 202 (3) (QR)

First Year Spring (17)

ARCH 172 (4)
Design Fund. II Space
ARCH 122 (2)
Representation II
ARCH 102 (2)
Visual Design Theory
PHYS 161 (3) (NS)
ENG 102 (3) (WC)

I鈥檓 not just studying architecture. A design education challenges me to think critically about culture, politics, relationships and people. I鈥檓 becoming a better person by how I鈥檓 learning to think.

Mike Lidwin, Architecture Student and Haslam Scholar

After Graduation Differentiate Yourself

The lines are blurring as design professionals from across various disciplines now collaborate for the good of their clients. Professionals with expertise in more than one discipline stand out.

These two fully accredited degrees lead to career opportunities beyond what one can do alone. Graduates are securing fulfilling employment in a variety of areas, and because they have proven expertise in both architecture and landscape architecture, they are ahead of the pack.

And, just to make sure our students are positioned to be hired, we hold a Career Day every year, where more than 50 design firms from across the country pay to attend just to speak with you.