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Katherine Ambroziak

Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research

School of Architecture

My research examines how designers and users become conscious of their built and natural environments and what this may mean to the generation of healthy perceptions and memory. I focus on spatial theory related to sensory response and body perception, ritual theory, and contemporary memorial theory. These themes inform my teaching and participation with students, whether this be in design studio, special topics seminars, technology courses, or extracurricular explorations. A licensed architect in the State of Tennessee, I am active in community engagement as both an academic and civic pursuit. Since 2009, I have served as the primary designer and coordinator of the Odd Fellows Cemetery Reclamation Project, a public space initiative that aims to engage and support the communities of East 快活视频 through the design and implementation of a sustainable memorial landscape.

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  • Master of Architecture,聽Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, 1996
  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, 1992

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Licensed Architect, State of Tennessee (2007-present)
  • American Institute of Architects, member (2012-present)
  • Architecture, Culture and Spirituality, member (2011-present)
  • NCARB certification (2009-present)
  • 快活视频 ReAnimation Coalition, advisory board member (2009-present)


My professional practice extends my research and engagement interests to realms of creative activity. I have recently been involved in three very distinct, professionally enriching collaborations 鈥 time[scape]lab with design partners Brian Ambroziak and Andrew McLellan (2008-present), Applied Research with Brian Ambroziak, Ted Shelton, and Tricia Stuth (2006-2015), and the Odd Fellows Cemetery Reclamation Project with fellow UTK faculty and students, the 快活视频 ReAnimation Coalition representing communities in East 快活视频, and the City of 快活视频 (2008-present).


time[scape]lab investigates the implications of time as a modifier of architectural space and environments. Design explorations are theoretical and rely on literary analysis as an instrument of the creative process. Described as fictions, the work is sensory based and relies on cultural traditions of myth and storytelling as premises for the investigations.


Applied Research combines various research and scholarly interests and explores them through design that focuses on contemporary architectural concerns. Together, members have developed projects, both theoretical and realized, that deal with issues of cultural sustainability, environmental and geographic perception, energy and material consumption, and qualitative living.


The Odd Fellows Cemetery Reclamation Project is an evolving, long-term research, design, and engagement initiative that addresses the potential for a deteriorating cultural landscape to be rehabilitated and reintegrated into the social and spiritual lives of the communities that surround it. Incorporating multidisciplinary research, creative activity, and practicum, it acts as a paradigm for academic scholarship and has become a focus or testing model for many socially and culturally geared courses and events offered through the College of Architecture and Design and various departments of 快活视频 campus. The reclamation process was initiated in 2008 in collaboration with the 快活视频 ReAnimation Coalition (KRC), a grass roots organization in East 快活视频 that focuses on educating and creating social wealth amongst 快活视频鈥檚 African American communities through projects that illuminate and valorize its past achievements. Since the initiative鈥檚 inception, I have served as project coordinator, researcher, and primary designer.

Courses Taught

  • Special Topics in History, Theory, and Criticism: Spaces of Memory
  • Architectural Design Studios
  • Diploma Studio/Capstone Studio
  • Technology courses: Tectonics and Stereotomics and Climatic and Daylight Design

Expertise & Interests

  • Cultural studies in Architecture
  • Memorial studies
  • Phenomenology and sensory perception

Honors & Awards

  • Fred & Rosalee Oakley Award, The Association for Gravestone Studies (AGS) 2016
  • Excellence in Academic Outreach, University of Tennessee Chancellors Honors Award 2015
  • Religious Art & Architecture Merit Award for Religious Architecture (unbuilt), Faith & Form Magazine and The Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art and Architecture (IFRAA) 2012 for Odd Fellows Cemetery Reclamation Project
  • Yeats Architecture Competition, Highly Commended for The Lake Isle of Innisfree, 2015 (with time[scape]lab)
  • AIA Housing Award (2015), 聽AIA Gulf State Region Design Awards, Merit Award (2-14) and AIA East Tennessee Design Award, Award of Excellence (2014) for Old Briar (with Applied Research)

Working and learning in the College of Architecture & Design has given me an increasingly broader perspective about design鈥檚 potential to make impactful change. It鈥檚 interesting how scholarship focused on memory and ritual finds relevancy on issues such as social justice, health and well-being, and cultural sustainability. These issues drive my research and engagement and the degree to which students incorporate them into their own study and creative work is motivational.

Katherine Ambroziak